How much to sell used golf balls for?

QUESTION: I live in Hawaii, there is a golf course right along the beach. I walk along the beach and I always come home with 5-10 golf balls. If I go closer to the course in the plants I find many more, as many as 129 in one trip. So I have many Callaway and […]

How much would a 13 piece set of TaylorMade R5 Hundred golf clubs be worth?

QUESTION: I recently got a 13 piece set of TaylorMade R5 Hundred series golf clubs. They were bought in 2004 and were never used so they are brand new. I’m wondering how much I could sell them for. Thanks! ANSWER: Answer by Ronc cvz cvz vxz vdx fdx vx gfvxd dfvxb fdx d gfsx gfd

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart?

QUESTION: I’m thinking about getting a golf cart. Do you need a license to be able to drive it? ANSWER: Answer by DrakeNo but on a road you will need a license plate and turn signals and everything

How many acres of land would you require to build a 15 slot golf driving range?

QUESTION: I’m interested in the acreage of any golf driving range, thank you ANSWER: Answer by Dakota P.15=bad just 1 acre each no room for clubhouse 35=good then you have room for driving range and club house

What is the best way to package a golf club?

QUESTION: I am looking to sell my golf clubs on ebay. How do others package their clubs for posting ? I have seen some people sending clubs in large tubes – where on earth would I get my hands on some large tubes ?? I am looking to send individual clubs and also need a […]

What are the advantages of a golf club membership?

QUESTION: I have looked at all kinds of websites for golf courses and they all offer a membership, but what are the benefits of it? ANSWER: Answer by TortugaUnless you golf at least twice a week, it’s not worth it. The only other perk is that members get preferred tee times over non members. If […]

How do you hold a golf club?

QUESTION: I am left handed and I need to know some tips and tricks on how to hold a golf club…I have heard hold it with your right hand on top and ive heard left hand on top…which is it? ANSWER: Answer by chrisIn my experience someone who is the least experienced is the most […]

When is the best time to buy golfing equipment?

QUESTION: Is there a certain time like in the winter or end of summer where most golf stores or websites will have the best deals? ANSWER: Answer by TonyThat doesnt matter. It’s not about what you WANT but about what you NEED. What you NEED is to have a good swing and custom clubs not […]

Q&A: can i bring a camera to a public golf course?

QUESTION: so in my broadcasting class we are doing a video postcard and i was thinking of recoding on a public golf course… so can i bring a video camera to a public golf course and record or is that against the rules? ANSWER: Answer by cottagstanNo law against it, but you might want to […]

How can i hit a golf ball as far as i can?

QUESTION: whats the stance and the technique behind driving a golf ball as far as i can. Any tips? Thank you ANSWER: Answer by jb_f4you have to heat the golf ball. the hotter the golf ball the farther it goes. i’ve watch this in sports science.